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Vendor Application

Trader / Vendor Question Application

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Please submit all information requested below and return to the address located at the bottom of this form. All material is reviewed by a committee and will be decided upon in a fair manner based on the information we receive. Photos are a very important part of the selection process so please include them. * Native items sold must be of Authentic Indian crafted items produced within the guidelines of the U.S. Dept. of Interior Indian Arts & Crafts board rules & regulations. In summary, of Act, click here. This is a Jured Pow-Wow. If you're Native, Please include a copy of your Native American Identification card.

Dates Attending:
Booth Name:
Zip/Postal Code
Phone #:
Native Card Holder:
Native or White:
Tribal Affiliation:
Please send a copy of your Native American ID card
Number of Booths:

Please list in detail all items that will be sold at you booth. The items listed will be the check list that the committee will use while checking the booth including promotional.

Tent Size: X Booth space provided - 10 x 20
Larger space available for an extra fee. No Unauthorized Setups!!!
Other Pow-Wow's attended:
Security Code: security code

Please return completed application to:

Mohican Reservation, Inc.,
23270 Wally Road
Glenmont, Ohio 44628
Ph: 800.766.2267,
Fax: 740.599.5720,